Narelle Gatti

The Basics of Digital Accessibility

Accessibility plus usability increases communication.


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Module 1: The What and Why of Accessibility
  • Module 2: Usability, Accessibility and Disability
    Module 3: Acknowledge, Confirm and Clarify - ACC
    Module 4: Listening and What happens inside your head when you don't
    Module 5: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - The BAsics
    Module 6: Microsoft Word and Accessibility
    Module 7: Adobe Acrobat and Accessiblity
    Module 8: Subt
    Module 9: Microsoft Excel and Accessibility
    Narelle Gatti

    WCAG Auditor


    This course provides you with the skills to recognise, disability, accessibility tools and techniques and how to apply accessibility techniques to Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.


    • Topics include

      • What and Why of Accessibility
      • Usability, Accessibility and Disability
      • Communication Techniques: Acknowledge, Clarify and Confirm
      • Listening and what happens inside your head when you don’t.
      • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – The Basics
      • Microsoft Word and Accessibility
      • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Accessibility
      • Subtitle Editor
      • Microsoft Excel and Accessibility


    Skills covered in this course

    • Coaching

    • Learning



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