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10 Modules, 10 hours

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Module 1: Know your Best Coach - Your Brain
  • The Stem
  • The Mid Brain
  • The Cerebral Cortex
  • Module 2: Curiosity - Learning Fuel
  • We are born CURIOUS little experimenters
  • How might we keep that growing?
  • Curiosity happens every time I say “I wonder…..” – “wow, what happened?”
  • “What does that mean?” is curiosity, most people think it’s “I don’t understand”
  • Module 3: Coaching to Learn, Be Living Example
    Module 4: Two Ways of Learning x 6
    Module 5: Why, What, How of Learning
    Module 6: Stress Reduction And Anxiety
    Module 7: Memory Systems
    Module 8: Freeing the Explorer. Experimenter, Discoverer, Inventor
    Module 9: Be the Lesson
    Module 10: Mapping What Works
    Allan Parker (OAM)

    Micro Behavioural Scientist

    The program you are embarking on is a somewhat different one and a unique one. It’s a movement away from the traditional coaching model yet not excluding the coaching model, rather adding a variety of ways to go about supporting somebody else to learn, to grow, to change, and to apply the learning in the process making better decisions and better choices about what I do, how I do it, when I do it and under what circumstance and with whom I do it.

    “What does that mean?” is curiosity, most people think it’s “I don’t understand”

    Teaching is not learning. Learning happens continuously


    • 10 Modules

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    Skills covered in this course

    • Coaching

    • Learning



    Peter Lepparde

    Chief Executive, Strathearn Insurance Brokers (NSW)

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Allan Parker over the last 15 years in steering companies to become learning organizations in which the full array of his presentation, knowledge and skill transference capabilities have been utilized and these have left an enduring effect on all those who have participated. More recently we have worked together on a sports team to improve communication, remove mental models and build a shared vision — again with positive results.”

    Charmaine Driver

    Principal at Darling Point Special School

    “Inspirational, invigorating, informative: Allan Parker, through his work with the teaching team at Darling Point Special School has won our hearts and minds. Our school is wiser, integrated to collaborate through innovation and creative ideas and ready to engage in action research in Neuroscience influenced teaching strategies to teach mathematics to students with disabilities. How fortunate are we to have connected with AP.”

    Mike Lotzof

    CEO, Insolvency Practioners Association of Australia

    “Allan Parker is a gifted presenter and trainer. The best I have ever experienced. His MasterClass (“Handling Aggression Non-verbally”) at our National Conference was the most highly rated of the 20 sessions. We are excited that Allan is developing a special negotiation and communication two day intensive to be delivered nationwide to our members – senior partners and directors from accounting and law firms.”

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