Mark Muscat

Digital Accessibility for the Web Developer (AKA The Lot)

Most development languages and content management systems can be used to implement accessibility


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Module 1: The What and Why of Accessibility
Module 2: Usability, Accessibility and Disability
Module 3: Acknowledge, Confirm and Clarify - ACC
Module 4: Listening and what happens inside your head when you don't
Module 5: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - The Basics
Module 6: Microsoft Word and Accessibility
Module 7: Adobe Acrobat and Accessibility
Module 8: Subtitle Editor
Module 9: The Dangers of Episodic Memory
Module 10: Stepping out of the Situation
Module 11: The Brain
Module 12: Hard Soft Communication
Module 13: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Principle 1 - Perceivable
Module 14: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Principle 2 - Operable
Module 15: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Principle 3 - Understandable
Module 16: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Principle 4 - Robust and Conformance
Module 17: WordPress and video/audio
Module 18: WordPress and contrast
Module 19: WordPress Typeface and size
Module 20: Microsoft Excel and Accessibility
Narelle Gatti

WCAG Auditor


This course examines different content management systems starting with WordPress to see how accessibility is applied.


  • Topics include

    • Updating WordPress

Skills covered in this course

  • Coaching

  • Learning

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

  • WordPress



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